Marianne MangoldBorn in Germany and well traveled through Europe, North and Central America, Marianne Mangold became exposed to diverse cultures, fostering an appreciation for native art. Her passion for Maya culture began in the jungles of Guatemala and intensified in Belize. Working as a field photographer for an archaeological team, Marianne had the opportunity to enter long forgotten caves harboring ancient art. Subsequent studies of Mesoamerican history lured her back to the jungle to capture images of the fading Maya culture.

Her early work was exclusively black and white while studying under several master photographers including Henry Gilpin, Cole Weston, Brad Cole and Edna Bullock, but her most recent images have captured the brilliant colors of Central America.

Working as a correspondent photojournalist with a Belize magazine for eight years, Marianne's assignments included coverage on charity dental missions in remote Maya villages, extreme cave rescue training, traditional Lacandon Indians hidden in an insecure Chiapas region and a donated California van driven to a desperate orphanage in Central America.

Marianne's photographs are published in national newspapers and magazines and exhibited in galleries in Santa Cruz, Carmel, Monterey and private collections internationally.

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